Ветрогенератор 5000 кВт б/у
5000 kW used wind generator
Huawei E8278s-602
Huawei E8278s-602
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Wind generator 5000 kW

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Alternative technologies of the future of energy, for objects with medium and large industrial consumption of electricity. In order for a specialist to choose the best option, as well as find out the cost, add a position to the basket and place an order, he will contact you.


Constant changes in tariffs, one-sided dictation of conditions, voltage outages in the network. Forget about it and become your own master by buying a 5000 kW wind generator that will provide electricity for the desired object, be it industrial purposes, or ordinary household.

The advantages of using this alternative energy source:

– independence from third-party people and companies;

– savings and additional income on the provision of the resource;

– no dependence on the time of year and day;

– installation in places where traditional sources are not available;

– the ability to use both the main and backup source of electricity.

What will give, if you place an order for a purchase here:

– selection from the extensive range of the most optimal option for the task (the professional takes into account the area, the required power, logistics costs and many other factors, recommending the best solution);

– the possibility of self-delivery, followed by self-installation, as well as the delivery of the object “turnkey” with our hard-working hands;

– subsequent support, technical advice and advice on operation, as well as the solution of possible difficult situations;

– optimization and updating of the wind park in the distant future, as needed.

Technical characteristics and capabilities of a windmill 5000 kW:

Rated power 5000 kW, or 5.00 MW
Minimum required wind speed 1.5 m / s
Rated power at wind speed of 13.0 m / s
Shutdown at a wind speed of 27.0 m / s
Maximum allowable wind speed 75.0 m / s
Diameter 132.0 m
Coverage area of ​​13685.0 m²
Number of blades 3
Type 64.5
material GFRP
Type Direct Drive
Stages 2.0
Type Synchronous Multipole
Number 1
Speed, maximum 490.0 rpm
Voltage 690,0 V
Network connection IGBT
Network frequency 50/60 Hz
The height of the hub 95/120/140 m

* – modification, equipment, as well as characteristics, may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.


Payment form: Cash and non-cash
Terms of delivery of equipment: Depends on the model of selected equipment
Warranty: Based on service agreement
Post Warranty Service: Yes
Installation and configuration: Yes
Delivery to installation point: Yes
Pickup: Yes
Manufacturer: Europe
Minimum order new: From 5 pcs.
Minimum order b / y: From 1 pc.

Trademarks of wind turbine manufacturers for 5000 kW, whose products we present:

DeWind Gamesa Siemens REpower AN Bonus
Vestas Enercon Tacke GE Energy Nordex

By model, the range is constantly expanding:

Vestas V90 Vestas V80 Vestas V66 Vestas V47 Vestas V44
Vestas V29 Enercon E82 Enercon E70-E4 Enercon E70 Enercon E66
Enercon E58 Enercon E48 Enercon E40 Tacke TW 1.5sl Tacke TW 1.5s
Tacke TW 1.5 Tacke TW 600 GE Energy 2.5sl GE Energy 1.5sl GE Energy 1.5s
Nordex N90 Nordex N80 Nordex N60 Nordex N43 Nordex N29
Siemens 3.6 DeWind D8 DeWind D6 DeWind D4 AN Bonus 2000/70
AN Bonus 1300/62 AN Bonus 450/37 Gamesa G132 Gamesa G114 Gamesa G80
Gamesa G58 REpower MD77 REpower MD70 Nordex N 131 Delta


Under the order, it is possible to buy spare parts and additional components for wind turbines. For such an order, indicate in the note the model of the windmill and the necessary part. The main nodes are:

Diesel Generator Inverter Charge Controller Cable Mast
Blades Mast ATS (automatic power backup) Batteries
Swivel Mount Tail Turbine

To buy a wind generator 5000 kW and find out what price, you must perform simple steps:

  1. Add item to cart and specify contact details.
  2. Accept a call from a specialist, or an email with clarifying questions.
  3. Get a comprehensive free consultation on the selection of equipment.
  4. Make a prepayment, or pay in full (by agreement).
  5. Get an order and start saving.

Europe is not the limit of our activities, we also work with the following countries of the world:

Turkey Poland United Kingdom Germany Bulgaria
Israel Malaysia Slovakia Romania Belarus
Azerbaijan Georgia Afghanistan South Ossetia Armenia
Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan
Estonia Latvia Lithuania Moldova Mongolia
Australia Abkhazia Russia

We work in all cities of the world.


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